Cooper Announces SOS & RESTAURANTS Acts in Next COVID-19 Relief Bill

Sep 29, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Of the three bills that Rep. Jim Cooper has been pushing to help the Nashville tourist economy recover, two are included in the $2.2 trillion relief package that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is offering the White House and the U.S. Senate.

The RESTAURANTS ($120 billion) and SOS Acts ($10 billion) are targeted on the food service and live music industries, and are included in the House package. Unfortunately, the RESTART Act ($450 billion on small business generally) which Cooper also asked Speaker Pelosi to include in the package, was omitted. Nothing prevents the White House or the Senate, however, from including the RESTART Act in the final compromise package that Congress passes into law.

“When I talked to the Speaker and other key members last week, I asked for all three bills to be included in the House package, but I am thankful that the Speaker included two,” Rep. Jim Cooper said. “Two out of three ain’t bad. Of course, it’s not too late for the Senate to include the missing piece, the RESTART Act, that both Tennessee Senators have already cosponsored.”

Senate cooperation is key to getting any of these bills passed into law. The House is expected to vote on its $2.2 trillion offer this week, and the Senate could vote on its package at any time.

“Congress should pass a relief package as soon as possible because people are hurting from the weak economy,” Cooper said. “Congress should not adjourn until a deal is done.”