Cooper Cosponsors Pair of Climate Bills

Nov 21, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Jim Cooper (TN-05) announced today that he will cosponsor the 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019 and the Green New Deal.

The 100% Clean Economy Act is a new bill that incorporates key Green New Deal elements. It would set a net-zero global emissions goal by 2050, directing all federal agencies to use existing authorities to develop and implement plans to accomplish the goal. Agency actions can include regulations, incentives, research and development, and steps to reduce agency-specific emissions. The 100% Clean Economy Act has more than 150 cosponsors, and is supported by major environmental groups such as the League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Earthjustice, and Environment America.

The Green New Deal is a resolution calling on the federal government to set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, create high-paying green jobs and provide job training to workers in the fossil fuel industry, ensure all buildings in America are energy efficient, and more.

Rep. Cooper’s decision comes on the heels of Former Vice President Al Gore’s opening presentation for “24 Hours of Reality”, a global initiative of The Climate Reality Project. In yesterday’s presentation held at Vanderbilt, Vice President Gore shed light on how rapidly the climate is changing, the potential effects that inaction could have on the global environment and economy, and the practical actions already implemented by many countries to resolve the crisis.

“Al Gore was ahead of his time and has been warning us about climate change for decades. His new presentation is a sobering reality. Our climate is changing faster than anyone expected, and we need bold solutions to help save our planet,” Rep. Cooper said.

“I have always said that the Green New Deal is an important call to action, but it’s not a legislative proposal and our job as legislators is to implement things and make them work. Well today the 100% Clean Economy Act sets forth parameters that help to confront the crisis head-on. The Green New Deal is quite ambitious in that it tries to solve many of society’s problems, including the health care system, housing policy, living wages. But, its bold environmental goals can’t be ignored just because the initiative might be a bit too expansive. So, supporting the combination of both of these measures – bold proposals and legislative text – makes a lot of sense to me,” Rep. Cooper added.