Cooper Helps Democrats & Republicans Defeat Another Anti-Family Immigration Bill

Jun 27, 2018
Press Release


WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (TN-05) today voted against another partisan immigration bill, helping defeat more legislation that did nothing to reunite separated families.

“Republicans called this bill a ‘compromise,’ but Democrats were completely shut out. America’s immigration problems won’t be solved until Congress starts embracing bipartisan legislation,” Rep. Cooper said. “Meanwhile, where is the plan to reunite separated families? How are the children being treated? The White House must answer these questions and more.”

The bill on the floor today:

  •          Did nothing to reunite families recently separated at the border.
  •          Diminished protections for those fleeing violence and seeking asylum.
  •          Eliminated the ability of American citizens to petition for their siblings or married children.
  •          Revoked more than 3 million previously approved citizenship petitions.
  •          Failed to provide a permanent and guaranteed path to citizenship for DREAMers.
  •          Ended the diversity visa lottery program

As a cosponsor of the DREAM Act – and the only member of the Tennessee delegation to vote for the DREAM Act when it passed the House in 2010 – Rep. Cooper recognizes the importance of establishing a path to citizenship and permanent protection for young people who arrived in America as children. He also supports the Keep Families Together Act.

Rep. Cooper strongly opposes the Trump family separation policy in all its forms. Earlier this month he hosted a news conference to outline his concerns. Since then, Rep. Cooper has signed several letters to the administration, asking how many children have been detained, how they are being treated and how much the policy is costing taxpayers.

Additionally, Rep. Cooper has requested a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigation, asked House appropriators to cut off funding for any program used to separate families, and cosponsored a House resolution condemning the practice.