Cooper Joins Bipartisan Coalition Opposing Anti-Family Immigration Bill

Jun 21, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (TN-05) today joined a bipartisan majority, including all Democrats and 41 Republicans, in soundly defeating a “cruel” immigration bill.

“This bill is too cruel to support, and it doesn’t do anything to reunite families already separated at the border,” Rep. Cooper said. “We could be voting on bipartisan bills that would begin to solve some of our nation’s immigration problems, but House Republican leadership won’t allow us to do that.”

Another partisan immigration bill was expected in the House this afternoon. That bill was suddenly pulled by House Republican leadership and may be considered tomorrow.

The bill on the floor today:

  • Did nothing to stop family separations.
  • Did nothing to reunify families recently separated at the border.
  • Included no permanent solution for Dreamers.
  • Eliminated the ability of American citizens to sponsor their parents, adult children and siblings.

Earlier this month, Rep. Cooper announced his opposition to the Trump family separation policy, hosting a news conference this week to further describe his concerns.

Legislatively, Rep. Cooper has taken several other steps, requesting a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigation; asking House appropriators to cut off funding for any program used to separate families; and cosponsoring a House resolution condemning the practice.

Rep. Cooper supports the DREAM Act and the Keep Families Together Act.