Cooper Responds to Mueller Remarks

May 29, 2019
Press Release


WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (TN-05) released the following statement in response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s public remarks about the Russia investigation.

“Robert Mueller left America in limbo once again with his statement today. Just like his 448-page report, Mueller emphasized that America was deliberately attacked by Russia during the 2016 campaign, that the President is not necessarily innocent of these attacks (particularly when it comes to obstructing justice), but that Mueller couldn't bring charges against a sitting president due to Department of Justice policy.

“So, we are left with a dark cloud over the Presidency that Mueller describes in great detail but did nothing to dispel. Due to longstanding Justice Department guidelines, Mueller believes that no sitting president can be indicted, only investigated in order to preserve evidence for a possible later trial. This immunity makes presidents cling to power longer in hopes of avoiding trial.

“The Mueller report indicated that 14 other investigations are proceeding, as well as work by several congressional committees. We do not know whether any of these investigations will yield a smoking gun, or just more clouds of suspicion until the President leaves office when the evidence can be used against him.

“The House of Representatives could begin the impeachment process, but President Trump himself mentions impeachment so often that he seems to want it to happen. He knows that the Republican Senate would be extremely unlikely to convict him, the only consequence he fears.

“The 2020 elections are the best way to bring the President to justice. If the American people vote him out of office, then he will no longer be immune from prosecution.”