Congressman Jim Cooper

Representing the 5th District of Tennessee

Cooper Statement on Republican Health Care Bill

Mar 7, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper today released the following statement on the Republican health care bill:

“This entire process has been conducted in secret. Calling for a vote on a bill that nobody has seen is akin to martial law. Plus, no one knows how much the bill would cost.

“What we do know is this doesn’t replace Obamacare, and it doesn’t make improvements either. The Republican bill makes insurance more expensive and takes insurance away from people who need it the most. In its place, insurance executives making $500,000 get a tax break.

“The Republican bill does nothing to control costs; nothing to combat high drug prices; and nothing to get every American covered. In an especially cruel turn, Republicans would force state Medicaid programs for the poorest people to either foot a bill they can’t afford or cut enrollees.”