Cooper Testifies Before State Senators at Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting Meeting

Oct 19, 2021
Press Release

NASHVILLE - Rep. Jim Cooper (TN-05) today spoke at the State of Tennessee’s Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting, again calling on lawmakers to keep Nashville whole.

Cooper spoke at the House Select Committee on Redistricting last month.

“You are required by law to tailor Tennessee’s counties so that each area has the same population. But if you tailor poorly, if you gerrymander, you risk stunting the growth of counties like Davidson County,” Rep. Jim Cooper said to state lawmakers. “Please respect Tennessee voters -- all voters -- by keeping our beloved state capital whole. You came to Nashville to build a better state, not join a wrecking crew.”

Cooper brought two statewide maps that he created using two different types of software and that meet all the legal and ethical requirements of redistricting.

Potential new map 1, designed on

New Map 2

Potential new map 2, designed on the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting’s tool:

Cooper draft map 2 (1).jpg


Watch a video of Cooper’s remarks here.


Katie Feldhaus Jackson