Publications Across the Country Editorialize in Support of Simpson-Bowles Budget

Apr 9, 2012
Press Release

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USA Today praises the “brave 38” who voted for the bipartisan budget.

The Chicago Tribune laments the failure of the “only bipartisan budget resolution to reach the floor in more than a decade.”

New York Daily News calls the budget debate “tragicomic, bipartisan dysfunction.”

The Tennessean says the Simpson-Bowles budget proposal “would actually work.”

The Statesman Journal explains why a Simpson-Bowles budget would be tough but necessary.

The Paris Post-Intelligencer wonders why more lawmakers don’t join in doing the “right thing.”

The Plain Dealer says Congress must face reality and come to a bipartisan solution.

The Dallas Morning News gives the lawmakers who supported the bipartisan plan a “red badge for courage.”

The Orlando Sentinel calls the plan a “budget worth backing.”

The Sentinel and Enterprise pieces together the evidence and calls the House not very serious about deficit reduction.

The Anniston Star denounces “Congress’ unreality.”

The Spokesman Review calls the proposal “the lone legitimate compromise being offered.”

The Wisconsin State Journal applauds those who “voted for progress over politics.”

The Albany Times Union wonders if politicians are merely using the deficit as a talking point.  

The Akron Beacon Journal says the criticism from both sides indicates that Cooper and LaTourrette were on the right track.    

The Florida Times-Union says, “If something like the Cooper-LaTourette budget is not passed soon, America is likely to face a financial panic.”