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Apr 20, 2008 Press Release
Cap and Trade is Good, But is it Enough?
by Rep. Jim Cooper
April 20, 2008

The old way of reducing pollution was “command and control” from Washington, an omniscient and omnipotent bureaucracy policing every boiler and smokestack. 

Apr 1, 2008 Press Release
"These are the real numbers. And they are so scary that no politician in Washington wants you to know about them."

Mar 25, 2008 Press Release

Immigration enforcement program that Cooper helped secure is producing thousands of cases that a judge should hear locally


Mar 20, 2008 Press Release

Military, intelligence leaders and experts talk with Cooper about the work of his Armed Services Roles and Mission Panel

Mar 13, 2008 Press Release
Calls for Congress to reform spending practices immediately

Mar 6, 2008 Press Release
Roles and Missions Panel report looks at how the country's national security infrastructure can continue to succeed in the 21st century

Congressman Jim Cooper today announced the release of the final report of the House Armed Services' Roles and Missions Panel, chaired by Cooper , which in July 2007 was charged with analyzing the changing

Feb 29, 2008 Press Release

The Tennessean

Friday, February 29, 2008


President Bush has some intriguing ideas about how to address Medicare drug costs, but ultimately his plan for addressing problems in the system are far short of what's needed.

Feb 11, 2008 Press Release
Asks Adm. Michael Mullen why budget shares have remained static over a half-century of war and peace


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Feb 5, 2008 Press Release
Columnist recalls 1993 health care debate

I'm not a Hillary-hater. She's been an outstanding senator. She hung tough on Iraq through the